Far From Dawn

This year I really wanted to use Don Julio tequila for my World Class drink, and to be honest, I had already finished my recipe in good time (there’s a first for everything isn’t it). However, it didn’t fit the brief at all! I was very disappointed, but obviously I had to change it.

The category I would have to compete in was City Glamour, and it took some time for me to find the perfect fit. It’s funny how difficult it can be to start over when your mind is set on something!

Normally when I think of tequila, I think of heritage and traditions. I think of jimadores harvesting agave, drinking Batangas and for some reason moustaches. Not quite city glam is it? At the same time, Don Julio is the leading luxury tequila – and luxury is definitely city glam!

Don Julio Reposado

I decided to use Mexico City as my city of choice. When I think of Mexico City I think of a vibrant, trendy and fashionable city which embraces art and culture so effortlessly, while still cherishing tradition and heritage. So I thought: What if “Sex in the City” was filmed in Mexico City? What would the signature cocktail be?

Mexico City

Mexico City

Well – it would have to be tasteful obviously! At the same time, I wanted to make something that would appeal to bartenders and consumers alike. You know, intriguing combinations – delicious end result. And it had to be pink! (if for nothing else, to match my dress)

As for the name, I always love cities during night. In my opinion thats when you see the true soul of a city, and as bartenders thats the hours that we thrive in. Some of the best memories I have of the places I’ve been were created long after sunset – but still far from dawn.

Far From Dawn

45 ml Don Julio Reposado
15 ml Carpano Bianco
15 ml Fresh Lime
20 ml Rhubarb & Pink peppercorn shrub
1 dash Peychaud’s Bitter

Shake with ice, double strain into prechilled cocktail glass.

I wanted an elegant but different garnish for the drink, and decided to go with a peacock feather. Symbolising immortality, it is a symbol of the legacy of the late Don Julio González-Frausto Estrada.

To make it more personal, I scented the feather with my perfume.
Our sense of smell is the only of our senses that can bypass our brain and make us react immediately. It can remind us of a childhood memory, relive an emotion or transport us to a different place in an instant.
Hopefully, from now on, the scent of Gucci Rush will remind our judges of the afternoon spent in Oslo judging World Class – and of course, my Don Julio cocktail!



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