The Cannes Red Carpet

Camera – Action – Go!

In this challenge competitors have to create one Signature Cocktail and one Bottle Serve inspired by:

“writers, directors or the stars of the silver screen from the traditions of European cinema or anyone who has graced the red carpet at the Cannes Film festival. They can be a living legend or a screen god or goddess from the past. Anyone who inspires your creativity and has resonance with the public can fit the bill. ”


One of the serves must include Tanqueray no Ten, other than that we can pretty much do whatever we want:

“You can use any glassware or barware appropriate to the cocktails and there are no restrictions on the methods you use to make the drinks. In either your cocktail or your bottle serve the other ingredients can include home-made ingredients or specialised items like particular spices, fruits or liqueurs.

You can accompany the serve with a variety of condiments, ‘Sangrita’ style juices or other liquids or small edibles. You can dress the service in any way you like, with photographs, special linen, use music etc. This is your chance to entertain and amuse.”

In other words – Go Mad, Go Nuts!


See you at the theatre


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