Final Elimination

16 competitors was about to become 8 – and this is how it went down:

We were gathered in a room altogether waiting to talk to the judges, Spike and Dale. We were told we would face the judges one and one, but when the elimination started, they decided to bring us in pairs of two  – which obviously added a bit of tension. We didn’t know at the time, but we assumed that one person would go through and one would be sent home. It proved to be right.

The wait felt like forever. I had the “pleasure” of being in the last pair to go before the judges, and as the room emptied and the rumors started to surface, all I could think of was the things I should have done better.
I’ve always been somewhat a perfectionist when it comes to work, and it seems like no matter how well I do, I always want to do better.

I was very nervous meeting the judges. Looking back, I can’t even remember what feedback I got from the judges. I do however remember feeling extremely relieved when they told me I was through.

For me, this elimination was a big shocker! I don’t know why, but for some reason, even though you know half of the bartenders will be eliminated – you still expect everyone to stay. It might just be due to all the stress and tension, but while its all going down, you really can’t imagine competing without them. Some of the guys, Emil (Sweden), Gareth (UK), Mattia (Italy) and Ivar (Netherlands), was in my group as far back as WE Finals in Madrid earlier this year. During the competition, they were some of my best friends and support, and I was extremely sad to see Team WE split up.

The ones who made it into the final round was

Mario, Puerto Rico
Laura, Switzerland
Jeff, USA
David, Spain
Jason, New Zealand
Luke, Australia
Tsuyoshi, Japan
Monica, (me) Norway

Unfortunately, due to the filming of the World Class tv-show, there aren’t any photos from the final elimination.


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