Essence Of A Bar – NU Lounge Bar

A couple of weeks ago I spent one night in Bologna, Italy, and finally got to visit NU Loung Bar.
I love bars with a big personality, and this bar is a tiki treasure chest!

Bittersbitterskull bitterSpiceselixirsVintage bottlestiki mugspineapplemonkeyblow fishmenumenu2

I have always loved aperitivo style drinks, but the Bolognese Americano just crushed the competition! If it was socially acceptable to have a drink as your best friend – this is my new BFF.

The Bolognese Americano
40 ml Rosso Antico
40 ml Martini Bitter
1 dash Angostura BItters or Rhubarb Bitters
40 ml Tonic Water
Orange twist
Lemon twist

Shake Rosso Antico, Martini Bitter, Angostura/Rhubarb bitters & lemon twist with ice.  Pour un-strained into old fashioned glass. Add the tonic and orange twist.

Recipe from NU Lounge Bar | Daniele Dalla Pola

americano bolognese


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