Bohemian Rhapsody

Greetings from Brno | Czech Republic!

This week is all about the 3 F’s – Family, Fun and Food – although I have a feeling there might be some drinks involved too.

Last night we went out for a couple of drinks, starting at Bar Kterŷ Neexistuje (The bar that doesn’t exist) in the city centre.  I had a Becherovka cocktail with cucumber and cider, which was very nice and refreshing, and we also tried a couple of the aged drinks on the menu.


It’s very funny how different drinks or foods always taste better when you’re in the country of origin.
I was never a big fan of  Becherovka before, and I still remember what, or what drink to be exact, won me over – the Becher Butter Sour at Hemingway Bar in Prague. To this day, it is still my favourite Becher cocktail!

Even so, I must admit, there has been an increasing number of shots coming my way lately.


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