Pub crawl

You haven’t been to a pub, until you’ve been to a Czech pub. Ambitious words, but this resent visit to Brno really opened my eyes to what a pub can be.

A place with great beer – check (or should I say Czech? Yes, pun intended)

Even though the Czech Republic is most famously known for its pilsner, which was invented here, you also have a variety of other styles to choose from.

Amazing food – check

Coming from a culture where the pub snack norm would be peanuts, the food served at the pubs here are just amazing!
One of my favourites was this one, pork knee, served with fresh horseradish and mustard.

Most of the pubs have their specialities, it can be different kind of meats, cheeses etc, and I highly recommend you to come hungry!

Last but not least – proof of a great night. The bill



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