Cocktails in Copenhagen

Im back in London after a wonderful weekend in Denmark.
Most of the time was spent on Fyn (Funen) with my family, but we decide to spend one extra night in Copenhagen before flying back home.

Copenhagen is not big on going out on sundays, but we managed to stop by some bars all the same, starting at Mikkeller Bar in Vesterbro.
It’s one of two bars in the city, run by the team behind Mikkeller brewery, and since this one was just around the corner from our hotel, we decided to leave Mikkeller and Friends  in Nørrebro for our next visit.

I was first introduced to Mikkeller back in 2009, with their Beer Geek Breakfast, and ever since, it has been my favourite craft brewery. I love their style of brewing, their playfulness both in names and brews, and of course – I love their bars!


They always keep a selection of beers on tap, while at the same time offering a bigger selection of bottled beers. We tried the Orange Yuzu Glad I Said Porter (Left) and Limoncello IPA (Right) – both amazing! The latter might be an all-time-favourite.

Later on, we made our way over to Ourselves Alone (Badstuestrædet 7, 1209 Copenhagen) for a couple of drinks, even though they normally keep closed on sundays. Lucky for us, because the drinks were delicious!

ourselves alone

We finished the evening at one of Copenhagen’s finest – Ruby.

I have always enjoyed this bar, and for some reason, I always start every visit with the same drink – Ruby Daiquiri. It was the first drink I tasted, the first time I visited , and it never lets me down. I absolutely love rhubarb in drinks, actually ignore that, I absolutely love rhubarb.

ruby daiquiri

The Herbaceous D was equally delicious, made with aquavit, parsley, dill & mint. Almost like a nordic twist on a Mojito. I love it when a drink reads well in the menu, and also drinks well when you get it. Having an awesome name at the same time, its a win/win situation.


I am already looking forward to my next visit to Copenhagen, hoping it will be sooner rather than later, so I can tick of some more boxes on my “Places I wish to visit in Copenhagen” list.


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