Right Now |Ingredient Crush

Occasionally, I get hung up on certain ingredients or flavours. It may last only a couple of weeks, like my fascination for bacon washing spirits, or they might linger for ages, like my love for the elderflower & cucumber combo a couple of years ago.

Right now I’m having a BIG ingredient crush on 8 Brix Verjus from Minus 8. I only discovered them earlier this year, but immediately, I started using them in my drinks. They have the perfect combination of sweet, sour and tart, which makes them perfect for cocktails.

VerjusI’ve always been a big fan of using tea in my cocktails, and lately I’ve been more and more drawn towards Kombucha. There’s just so much magic that happens during fermentation!

KombuchaAdmittedly, it looks a bit funky – but it tastes great! There’s also a lot of commercial brands available, one of my favourites are Go! Kombucha.

China White

Although I’ve been using Sumac in my cooking for years, somehow I never thought to use it behind the bar until recently. It has a nice fruity, tangy flavour – bit like lemon, but not as dominant. It’s a nice alternative to citrus.


My last “crush”, at this point more like a relationship, is sea buckthorn.
Sweet, sour, bitter, rich, fruity – I absolutely LOVE this berry! And the best part, its in season now






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