Bar Chocolat

This past friday I was invited to Bar Chocolat, a fashion week pop up, for a dinner and launch of Baileys Chocolat Luxe.

When arriving, we were guided through an exhibition where several contributors, including food duo Blanch and Shock, designer Petra Storrs and culinary alchemists Bompas and Parr, each had interpreted the sensorial experience of chocolate.

Bac Chocolat

The Bompas and Parr installation, which focused on aroma, let the aromas of chocolate escape whenever you opened the doors. Felt almost like a very decadent spa treatment.


Film director Tabitha Denholm showcasing the sensual pleasures of chocolate with a video art installation.


Then it was time to eat.

The menu this evening was created by Josh Evans, researcher at Nordic Food Lab, focusing on nordic flavours – a bit funny, seeing how 50% of the guests was nordic. Even so, it was a very nice experience.


The starter, which was served on a trey of crushed ice, had very crisp, clean flavours – I especially loved the gilt head bream and the kohlrabi.


The second course was served like a performance art routine, where the chefs would build your plate directly on the table in front of you.

meatpotatoesChefsbuild ovenfra

I really enjoy this kind of serving ritual. It makes you pay attention to each ingredient, which can lead to the rediscovery of an ingredient you might have forgotten you like –  roasted spelt grains. Yum

The second course ready to be enjoyed.


Oh, and this is how it looked when I was done. At least there’s no dishes right?



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