Celebrate with style | Martini 150 Anniversary

The 150th anniversary of Martini was celebrated this thursday at Villa Erba in Como. I was there to work the event, alongside some of the best bartenders in the world – lucky girl!
I had never been to this region before, so I was very exited coming here – even more so when I saw the venue. This might be the most stunning place I’ve ever been.

Arriving the venue, you see the beautiful villa with the hills surrounding lake Como in the background.

Martini 150

Oh, and of course – these beauties were there as well.

Martini2 Martini3

The usual suspects –
Erik Lorincz|American Bar at Savoy, Davide Zanardo, Alex Kratena|Artesian, Simone Caporale|Artesian and Daniele Dalla Pola|NU Loung Bar

Martini4 MArtini5 MArtini6 MArtini7 MArtini9

A party isn’t complete until there’s candy floss. Especially when the candy floss is made of Martini Bitter!
In the most secretive bar of the venue, Paul Tvaroh|Lounge Bohemia, was making delicious and untraditional Americano’s.

MArtini10 MArtini12 Martini16

Outside, in the garden, I had my Gelato bar – serving Martini Bianco and Martini Rosato gelato with different toppings.
How cool is that?
I especially love how they fitted the cart to match my outfit, or was it the other way around? Either way, it was so much fun!


Of course, the cheeky bartenders from the Racing Bar tried to sneak off with my bike – and my ice cream. Luckily, they gave it back once I threatened to take their frozen Negroni as payment.


This was a really fun event to work, and I must say, big up to the organisers for doing such a smashing job, down to the smallest details.
As we all agreed, we’re already looking forward to the next anniversary!


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