A trip down (menu) memory lane

Having an office day today, working on a new menu concept for a bar in Oslo.

I always start off my menu planning making mood-boards, finding it very inspirational, and useful, to visualise my ideas. It also makes it easier to present the concept to others at a later stage, and make your ideas transform into actual reality.


This menu will build upon nordic flavours, using seasonal ingredients and techniques, as well as local drinking traditions such as aquavit and beer.

Key words – simple, clean, rustic flavours.

This project also lets me work with my favourite designer, Frekk Strek, which I’ve worked with previously on all the menus at Aqua Vitae.
Finding a designer that understands what you want is so important, but finding a designer who understands what you want AND how to make your ideas even better is invaluable!

Our first, and opening menu, was simple, to the point and quite clean. We wanted to keep it simple, and let our guests get to know us and our drinks, without going to crazy.

AV Menus 429099_10151277422595541_1133087670_n

Our second menu was inspired by street/pop art and comic books, and we decided to let loose a bit more, meaning bigger flavours and louder design. We also started collaborating with different street artist, who displayed paintings inspired by the menu in our bar.


Our last menu, contrasting the previous, was inspired by fairy tales and had a more romantic feel to it. If I remember correctly, I think my spec said : “Imagine a cocktail book written as a fairy tale for kids last century”. I never imagined it to be this beautiful though.

Av_barmeny 4Av_barmeny 42Av_barmeny 47


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