Johnnie Walker House



I’ve never been to South Korea, apart form the 4 first months of my life, of which I can’t really say I remember much.
Naturally, I’m very curious, and I’ve thought about going several times, if for nothing else – to eat!

Browsing earlier today, I came across another reason to go – the opening of the third Johnnie Walker House, this time in Seoul.

For some reason, I’ve always loved the brand image of Johnnie Walker. For me, it’s one of those iconic brands, together with Campari, Fernet Branca, Tanqueray, that even if it didn’t taste nice, I’d still be a fan.

I’ll be the first to admit though, I’m a sucker for good marketing.

I’m also a sucker for good whisky, and luckily or should I say skilfully, JW Black Label has been my every-day-drinking whisky for years. Not that I drink every day of course, but you get the idea.

Being a HUGE fan of Mortlach (Single Malt that goes into the blend of JWBL) might explain why Black Label is my favourite, although Blue Label comes in second, which is funny since I’m also very fond of Royal Lochnagar, Single Malt which is at the heart of the JWBlue blend.

Anyhow, I wouldn’t mind drinking either in these settings!

JWH Beijing_wall_2500698a Johnnie_Walker_Hou_2500696b Johnnie_Wall_2500700a Johnnie-Walker-House-In-Beijing-Designed-By-Asylum-Architects-11


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