Wish List | Moscow Bar Show Seminars

Good  morning everyone!

I’m on my way to Moscow, I have a new notebook and extra pens packed. Let’s go learn some new tricks!

Here are the seminars I’m hoping to see during Moscow Bar Show.

October 1st

Aki Wang

“Fine Art Mixology of Taiwan” – Aki Wang

Taiwan is definitely up there on my list of places I would love to visit, and I’m really exited about this seminar! Yesterday I tasted Kavalan, a taiwanese whisky, for the first time, so I’m definitely going to assume thats a good sign.

October 2nd

Brown & Miller

“You say there’s a revolution” – Anistatia Miller & Jared Brown

I’m always interested in what these two have to say, considering few people know more about drinking history and drinks in general.

“Pineau de Charente Presentation” – Kaido Laanet
I’m a HUG Pineau fan, so this is a must for me!

“Molecular Chattology” – Bek Narzi & Paul Tvaroh
Martini Bitter Cotton Candy. That’s all I have to say. Big fan of Paul Tvaroh, so any chance I have to listen to him, I’ll take!

Sean Muldon

“The Dead Rabbit Comes To Moscow” – Sean Muldoon & Jack McGarry

I haven’t had the opportunity to visit Dead Rabbit yet, so this is definitely a cool way to see what it’s all about.

October 3rd

Don Lee“Sherry Cocktails Past and Present” – Don Lee

Sherry Sherry Bang Bang – need I say more? I LOVE sherry! I’ve been to a couple of Don Lee’s seminars before, and I always find them both interesting and entertaining. I’m sure this will be great!

“The Yankee Way” – David Wondrich

Not completely sure what this is about,whether its spirits, traditions, drinks or more general – either way, I’m in!


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