Moscow Bar show | Snapshots

Here’s some snapshots from this years Moscow Bar Show

Becherovka’s Magnificent Seven / George Nemec & Alex Kratena


Mama &  Papa’s Punch / Milk punchMIlk punch Milk punch & cookies

Perfectum Pippetum Cocktail / Old FashionedOld Fashioned

Parfumista / Sling

Willy Wonka Julep / Julep (with chocolate stones)

Max Warner / Chivas – Blending of an Icon.


Anistatia Miller / Havana Club
Moscow Seminars

Dev Johnson / Ballantine’sdev seminar

For some reason there’s always time to shop, even in a busy bar convention. Cocktail Ninja had set up shop, and both cocktail spoons, jiggers, bitter bottles and shakers managed to come home with us. I guess you can never have enough barstools.


Jack McGarry / The Dead RabbitJack McGarry

Salvatore Calabrese (& Peter Dorelli) / 100 Years Old Daiquiri100 years Sal&Peter SantiagoDavid

Last but not least – I finally found my scandinavian roots.




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