Moscow by Night

Work hard, play hard – that’s how the saying goes.
No one I know lives up to this mantra more than bartenders, and although the days were packed with seminars and tastings, the evenings were dedicated to guest bartending’s, events and other mischief.

When you gather a bunch of bartenders, inevitably certain things are bound to happen. Parties will take place, shots will be poured, someone will dance on the bar,  there will be a luge and it will be made out of some random object and at some point – someone will invent a crazy twist on a classic. Cheeseburger Daiquiri’s anyone?
3 kronor

Moscow is full of great bars, City Space Bar, Mendeleev, Noor, Chainaya Tea & Cocktails, Delicatessen & Time Out amongst others, most of them having international guest bartenders at some point during MBS.

Wednesday night had Dev Johnson|Employees Only NYC behind the stick at All-Time Bar, and honestly, I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun going out! Dev out
I think this video from City Space Bar sums up wednesday night quite well.
If not, I’ll just say it – It was a blast!


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