Hanging out with old pals & new friends

Even though I must admit to being on the tequila train lately, whisky was my first love when it comes to spirits. Don’t get me wrong, I still love it, but lately, I find myself going back to the usual suspects, rarely having time to explore new (to me) whiskies.
On the rare occasion, where I do have time to stroll around the whisky-trail, it might look something like this

Old Malt Cask Series | St.Magdalene 28 Y (50% abv)IMG_1320

Hazelburn 8 Y Sauternes Wood (55,9%abv)

Adelphi’s | Liddesdale 18 Y (46%abv)

The one and only | Mortlach 16 Y (43%abv)

Gordon & MacPhail Private Collection| Mortlach 1957 (43,5%abv)IMG_1335

1970 Glenlivet 39 Y Lonach (41,8%abv)

Benromach Traditional (40%abv)

Glengoyne Single Cask 13 Y (56,1%abv)

Not a bad night right?



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