Mexico City | Finally we meet!

Buenas tardes desde México!

I can’t believe its really happening, but we are in Mexico City with the wonderful team from Licorería Limantour, one of the best cocktail bars here in Mexico. These guys are so cool its unbelievable, and I can’t wait to guestbartend next week!
I have never been here before, so this is really a dream come true, only the food is better and the mezcal is more amazing.

Today we had the chance to go and see the pyramids at Teotihuancan, just outside of Mexico City, and wow what an amazing day it has been. Before starting our climb up to the top, we had a mandatory shot of mezcal, and then it was only one way to go – up.
Teotihuacan 4356872910

Tomorrow we’re off to Oaxaca aka Mezcal heaven, and I can’t even begin to explain how excited I am. We’ve already had some pretty amazing mezcals, and its absolutely fascinating to learn more about this spirit.

See you in Oaxaca!


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