Monkey Business

This  barspoon from Monkey Shoulder – I love it!
You would think that it’s really fragile, being retractable, but its really not. Perhaps not your everyday barspoon, but I’ve used mine for travels and such, and for that it’s perfect.


On a different note, I’ve seen this at Selfridges several times, however I’ve never tried it. I think I have to change that. Chinese tea picked by monkeys – why not?



Hanging out with old pals & new friends

Even though I must admit to being on the tequila train lately, whisky was my first love when it comes to spirits. Don’t get me wrong, I still love it, but lately, I find myself going back to the usual suspects, rarely having time to explore new (to me) whiskies.
On the rare occasion, where I do have time to stroll around the whisky-trail, it might look something like this

Old Malt Cask Series | St.Magdalene 28 Y (50% abv)IMG_1320

Hazelburn 8 Y Sauternes Wood (55,9%abv)

Adelphi’s | Liddesdale 18 Y (46%abv)

The one and only | Mortlach 16 Y (43%abv)

Gordon & MacPhail Private Collection| Mortlach 1957 (43,5%abv)IMG_1335

1970 Glenlivet 39 Y Lonach (41,8%abv)

Benromach Traditional (40%abv)

Glengoyne Single Cask 13 Y (56,1%abv)

Not a bad night right?


Snapshots | BCB Day 2

There is no doubt in my mind – the BCB is truly the greatest bar show in Europe, possibly the world.

Admittedly, the two days were quite hectic, but where else can you meet so many friends and fellow bartenders, see so many great seminars and try so many amazing products in one place?

Here are some snapshots from the second day.

Sea buckthorn is the way to go / AndalöBerlin 2

I am in love with this producer / Lantenhammer2

Tiki Tiki – Great mugs!! / Cocktailian3 4

Great concept / AMA – Ask Me Anything Lounge with Alex Kratena5

Seminar with the one and only, femme fatale Camille Vidal / St. Germain6

Shrubs – Yes please! My favourite was the Lavendel / Schusters Spezialitäten7

Tommy’s Margaritas for everybody!! We LOVE Julio / Julio Bermejo8

I love this packaging! Oh, and the liqueur is amazing as well / Tempus Fugit Spirits

Sexy times calls for Sexy Bitters / KSR 10

Hello old friend, haven’t seen you in a while / Espolòn Tequila11

The new Sinatra Select barrel seen from the inside / Jack Daniels12

Aged Cocktails / Martini Gran Lusso with Simone Caporale & Giuseppe Giuseppe Gallo13

World Class with Friends / David Rios, Laura Schacht, Alex Kratena, Aki Eguchi, Simone Caporale, Rudi Carraro, Atalay Aktas

Creating ‘Holy Shit’ Moments / World Class with Alex Kratena & me as a guestBerlin 2

Snapshots | Berlin Bar Convent

Here are a few snapshots from the first day of Berlin Bar Convent.

World Class 2014 – The Inside Job / Alex Kratena


Laura and I were guests at the seminar, talking about our experiences competing in World Class.
Laura and me

Wonderful german walnut liqueur / LantenhammerIMG_0009_Fotor

Coffee is a must! /Kaffeemafia

When in Germany / Thomas Henry

I love this Mastiha / Finest RootsIMG_0055_Fotor

Silent Party / BacardiIMG_0051_Fotor


I had such a nice day with my Oslo crew last night!

Richard “Chille” Man and Jimmie Hulth came over from Stockholm and introduced Bacardi and the Legacy competition, and although there were a few hiccups (lost luggage) – we had an amazing day tasting the different stages of Bacardi Superior, some amazing cocktails and last but not least, thanks to the one and only David Cordoba,  Bacardi Elixir and Mulata.


There’s no doubt in my mind, the next Bacardi Legacy winner might be one of these amazing bartenders!
Watch out guys – the norwegians are coming


Now it’s time to unpack, repack and then on to the next one! See you in Berlin!

Bacardi Legacy Norway Launch

Today I’m in Oslo for the launch of Bacardi Legacy Norway. I’m so happy to see all of these big competitions finally coming to Norway, and its exciting to think that the next Legacy winner might be norwegian.

Our bar-scene has been growing a lot over the last years, not only in Oslo, and I’m very confident whoever wins will represent Norway amazingly.

I’ll be making some drinks later on, which Im really looking forward to, and I brought a special surprise for the guys. I’ll give you a hint – Mulata.

Bacardi Legacy

Moscow by Night

Work hard, play hard – that’s how the saying goes.
No one I know lives up to this mantra more than bartenders, and although the days were packed with seminars and tastings, the evenings were dedicated to guest bartending’s, events and other mischief.

When you gather a bunch of bartenders, inevitably certain things are bound to happen. Parties will take place, shots will be poured, someone will dance on the bar,  there will be a luge and it will be made out of some random object and at some point – someone will invent a crazy twist on a classic. Cheeseburger Daiquiri’s anyone?
3 kronor

Moscow is full of great bars, City Space Bar, Mendeleev, Noor, Chainaya Tea & Cocktails, Delicatessen & Time Out amongst others, most of them having international guest bartenders at some point during MBS.

Wednesday night had Dev Johnson|Employees Only NYC behind the stick at All-Time Bar, and honestly, I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun going out! Dev out
I think this video from City Space Bar sums up wednesday night quite well.
If not, I’ll just say it – It was a blast!

Moscow Bar show | Snapshots

Here’s some snapshots from this years Moscow Bar Show

Becherovka’s Magnificent Seven / George Nemec & Alex Kratena


Mama &  Papa’s Punch / Milk punchMIlk punch Milk punch & cookies

Perfectum Pippetum Cocktail / Old FashionedOld Fashioned

Parfumista / Sling

Willy Wonka Julep / Julep (with chocolate stones)

Max Warner / Chivas – Blending of an Icon.


Anistatia Miller / Havana Club
Moscow Seminars

Dev Johnson / Ballantine’sdev seminar

For some reason there’s always time to shop, even in a busy bar convention. Cocktail Ninja had set up shop, and both cocktail spoons, jiggers, bitter bottles and shakers managed to come home with us. I guess you can never have enough barstools.


Jack McGarry / The Dead RabbitJack McGarry

Salvatore Calabrese (& Peter Dorelli) / 100 Years Old Daiquiri100 years Sal&Peter SantiagoDavid

Last but not least – I finally found my scandinavian roots.



World Class 50 | Definitive Drinking Guide

The World Class 50 Definitive Drinking Guide is out.

It’s a guide that gives you some inside tips on where to go and what to see in the 44 cities of this years World Class finalists.

My feature is about Oslo, obviously, and I promise I’ll do a post sometime soon with more tips on what to see and what to do when visiting!

Wish List | Moscow Bar Show Seminars

Good  morning everyone!

I’m on my way to Moscow, I have a new notebook and extra pens packed. Let’s go learn some new tricks!

Here are the seminars I’m hoping to see during Moscow Bar Show.

October 1st

Aki Wang

“Fine Art Mixology of Taiwan” – Aki Wang

Taiwan is definitely up there on my list of places I would love to visit, and I’m really exited about this seminar! Yesterday I tasted Kavalan, a taiwanese whisky, for the first time, so I’m definitely going to assume thats a good sign.

October 2nd

Brown & Miller

“You say there’s a revolution” – Anistatia Miller & Jared Brown

I’m always interested in what these two have to say, considering few people know more about drinking history and drinks in general.

“Pineau de Charente Presentation” – Kaido Laanet
I’m a HUG Pineau fan, so this is a must for me!

“Molecular Chattology” – Bek Narzi & Paul Tvaroh
Martini Bitter Cotton Candy. That’s all I have to say. Big fan of Paul Tvaroh, so any chance I have to listen to him, I’ll take!

Sean Muldon

“The Dead Rabbit Comes To Moscow” – Sean Muldoon & Jack McGarry

I haven’t had the opportunity to visit Dead Rabbit yet, so this is definitely a cool way to see what it’s all about.

October 3rd

Don Lee“Sherry Cocktails Past and Present” – Don Lee

Sherry Sherry Bang Bang – need I say more? I LOVE sherry! I’ve been to a couple of Don Lee’s seminars before, and I always find them both interesting and entertaining. I’m sure this will be great!

“The Yankee Way” – David Wondrich

Not completely sure what this is about,whether its spirits, traditions, drinks or more general – either way, I’m in!