Five Beers | Haandbryggeriet

Last weekend was spent in my hometown Oslo, and one of the perks of being back was obviously the beer. Even though I don’t drink beer as often anymore, I still enjoy tasting, even if it is just a couple of sips.

Norway has an amazing craft beer scene, and one of the local breweries just outside Oslo is Haandbryggeriet. They make, in my opinion, very interesting brews and I am particularly fan of these



Nordic Flavours|Nøgne Ø Beer

I love beer.
I’ve always loved beer, and in fact, up until a couple of years ago, beer was my drink of choice.  Of course, all that changed when I discovered I have gluten intolerance. Cruel.

Admittedly, I must confess I’m not the best at following my dietary restrictions, and from time to time I do still drink beer.

One of my favourite norwegian breweries is Nøgne Ø (Naked Island) from Grimstad, and throughout the years they’ve made some amazing brews. Here are some of my favourites:

The Tiger Tripel is light and strong , like you would expect , and for me it was love at first sip. I first tasted it in a blind tasting, and I was very surprised afterwards, learning what it was. Normally I would think this style to strong, and Tiger Triple with its 9%alc definitely needs to be sipped at a slow pace. It’s tough though, considering how delicious it is!

Nogne O

I first tasted the Citrus Hystrix IPA last year when I was preparing for a cocktail competition. I was hoping to use it as an ingredient in my drink, but unfortunately I later discovered it wasn’t allowed. Lucky for me it meant I suddenly had a couple of bottles to spare.

If you’re like me, Im a massive citrus freak when it comes to beers,  you’re going to love this IPA!
Its brewed with rye and oats – slightly dark for an IPA, and the citrus comes from tangerine and kaffir lime leafs.

Last but not least, Red Horizon, an ale brewed with the famous sake yeast No.7 from Masumi Sake in Nagano. The beer is fermented slowly at a low temperature, giving it heaps of the characteristic fruitiness of the yeast. Nøgne ø has made several editions of this beer, last one being in 2011, but I don’t know if they plan to continue. Currently the 2nd and 3rd editions are still available in Norway.

It’s quite rich, and at 12,5%alc, its definitely a beer for sharing with a group of friends.
Nogne O