Barhopping | Prague

This past week have been spent on the road, I apologise for the lack of updates, visiting some amazing cities around Europe – starting in fabulous Prague.

This was my second time going to Prague Bar Show, and I must say, I really enjoyed coming back! Its a smaller show than its counterparts in, lets say Berlin and Paris, but of course so is the bar scene. This however, does not mean lack of quality or passion!

Prague has some really amazing bars, my favourites include

Hemingway Bar | Karolíny Světlé 26, Praha 1, Open every day
I absolutely love this bar. Some might remember my rantings about the Becher Butter Sour, the drink that converted me into a full blown Becherovka fan, and this is it’s place of birth. Care to guess what I was drinking monday evening?

The bar is spread over two floors, but be sure to ask if you can visit upstairs, which is my favourite space. PRague

Bugsy’s Bar | Pařížská 10, Praha 1, Open every day
This was the first bar I visited in Prague, and all though the picture really doesn’t give it justice, this space is great! The details here are amazing, and it’s one of those bars where you can sit for hours.

Black Angel’s | Staroměstské náměstí, Praha 1, Open every day
This bar is a must. It’s that amazing. The space is incredible, the drinks are delicious and the team makes sure you have a fantastic evening. I love sitting in the bar watching the guys work, and just admire this amazing venue!

Cestr | Legerova 75/57, Praha 1, Open every day
This is a must if you love meat – or beer! I recommend you to try the historical draughts, which is different ways of pouring beers, giving them distinctive variations in flavour. And do try the tartar.