Nordic Flavours | Gravlaks

This upcoming week will mark the end of an eventful october, and ending on a high note , with Prague, Amsterdam and Oslo all on the agenda.

First up on monday is Prague Bar Show. This will be the second time for me, but the first time presenting, which is extremely exciting!
I’m doing a seminar called Breaking Traditions | Nordic Flavours in mixology, which talks about nordic ingredients and flavours, as well as how to use them behind the bar, and what challanges you might face using traditional drinks such as beer and aquavit in new ways.

As part of my presentation, I will serve different tasters, and one of them will be gravlaks/ cured salmon paired with one of my favourite aquavits.
Even though there are a lot of excellent suppliers for gravlaks, I decided to continue an old family tradition, and make it myself – although I changed the recipe somewhat to match the pairing with the aquavit.

Gravlaks is super simple and delicious, and the best part when you’re making it yourself – you can choose the flavourings!

What you need

2 x 500 g salmon pieces ( Make sure they are equal in size not just weight)
100 g Sea salt
100 g granulated sugar
1 bunch of fresh dill
1 pinch freshly ground black pepper
1/4 tsp All Spice
3 tbs Becherovka


1. Clean the salmon, making sure there are no scales and bones, then rinse with water. Dry with paper towels.
Mix salt, sugar and spices in a bowl, then pick the dill from the stem and place in a different bowl. I prefer not to chop it, but thats just my personal taste.
Cover a baking trey, or cutting board with cling film, however – do not cut it, just leave it on the roll. This way you can easily wrap the salmon afterwards.

2. On the cling film, place a layer of dill equivalent of the size of your salmon, and then sprinkle the salt/sugar/spice mix on top. Drizzle the Becherovka over your salmon fillets, before placing the first salmon piece on top of the spices. Normally I would use aquavit or cognac for this, but seeing how I’m serving this in Prague, I wanted to use something local. I also think that the flavours of the Becherovka will match very well with the aquavit I’m serving.

3. After placing the salmon on top of the spices, add a new layer of dill and the salt/sugar/spice mix, before placing the second salmon fillet on top of that.

4. Cover the second salmon fillet with the last layer of dill and salt/sugar/spice mix, before wrapping it tight in cling film.
5. Leave it on a trey or a pan in the fridge, as it will leak, for 3-4 days, turning it over every 12 hours.
When it’s time to serve, just wipe off the dill and spices, then slice it and enjoy!