Holy Shit Mezcal Moment

There are indeed such things as happy accidents!
On our way to Los Danzantes the other day (more on that later), we took a wrong turn, that turned out to be one of the highlights of our Oaxaca trip.

Stopping to ask for directions led to an impromptu visit to a small mezcal palenque, where we got to help loading the oven with agaves – how cool is that!

Admittedly, not at all correctly dressed for the job, but definitely made up with eagerness!

The tahona where the cooked agaves are crushed by horsepower.

The crushed agave is then moved to the fermentation vat, water is added and its left to ferment for days – depending on the temperature/season.

After fermentation, the liquid is then distilled in this copper still, resulting in a fabulous liquid called Gran Calenda Mezcal. No need to google it, I’ve already tried, no such luck.

We even got to try the repo, which had been rested for around 2 years, but I must admit – my favourite was the blanco tobola, currently resting well in my luggage.

It’s so fascinating to me that these rural and primitive location (not meant in a bad way) can produce a spirit with such depth and elegance. This trip has really opened my eyes when it comes to mezcal, and the more I learn, the more fascinated I am with this spirit!
This might be the coolest hipsta horse in Oaxaca. Look at that haircut – brilliant!